Day one in MACE! A welcoming challenge!

Nowadays, life gets more and more business orientated. Experience counts equally, or even more, than education in the job hunting. For this reason, as MACE is a very contemporary course, it organised a very innovative “welcome” to its’ new students. It organised a lean start-up challenge of 48 hours during its induction. This procedure was led by Ewei Chen, who is not only a very experienced man into organising strategic user experiences, but also, he is a creative director in BskyB and has a great knowledge of how to built new businesses and new services. Having such a leader, showed to us, the students, from day one, how businesses work.

I personally found this experience unique. To be honest, I don’t think any of us , the “MACErs 2012” had confronted such a challenge before! It is fascinating and really intriguing to built a business, a movie app in the specific case, in 48 hours, through the profile of a customer.

This experience was unique in many different ways…

First of all, through the procedure of making teams, collaborating, brainstorming and presenting our ideas, we got to know each other, create bonds, but also manage to work with people that we had never met before and that don’t think the same way with ourselves. This is something that happens everyday in actual working conditions and it was a great way to start to think how we should react in an actual working environment… An outcome from this could be: different people, different backgrounds → one goal: SUCCESS!

Another aspect of this procedure was to learn how to built an app as a product. We started thinking of a very up-to-date product, of how it is created, what solutions w have to produce for the costumer, what are the risks, to test it to potential customers (by the way, thanks people in Kingston Hill! Your feedback was really helpful and of great value for us! ) and of course…to think how to get money out of it! In brief, we created a complete business plan! In this way, we had to think quickly, smart and innovative.. to “scratch our brains” to have successful results- a good way to come back to working environment after summer!

To my personal point of view, one of the most important outcome of this project was the fact that we actually realised that we CAN DO what people in the industry do and thus, realise our value in the market, our possibilities and realise we must have confidence about our knowledge. Also, it made me see in action that people from mixed backgrounds can create something better as they “see” a problem from different angles.

Last, but not least, I HAD FUN and made new friends!WELCOME TO MACE 2012 EVERYONE! Greetings and wishes for an amazing unforgettable year for all of us! 🙂


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