ORIGINALITY AND DESIGN: Induction week in F.A.D.A. (Communication Design)

After the induction in the creative economy modules in Kingston’s Business School, the induction into Kingston’s School of Design took place. Firstly, Knight’s Park campus, where the Design School is based, is very different that Kingston Hill campus (where the Business School is based). It is a complex of three total different building that communicate with each other from the inside. To circulate inside this complex it is really confusing but also interesting because one can see all the different facilities and thus, he/she can meet people from different faculties. The three things that I personally found mostly interesting: the library, the workshop and the fact that it is situated next to the river. The library is renovated and has a roof made of glass. It is a really cosy environment that makes you wanna work in there. Also, it is always full of students that look really artistic and interesting. I also discover my own “little treasure” in there: LRC’s great collection in movies! It’s showtime!hahah! As for the workshops, just one word: amazing! We have limitless possibilities to expand our knowledge in different materials and to experiment, even to things not related to our major! Thanks uni! Last but not least, the river with ducks… my only comment to that would be the best place to drink your coffee, relax clear your mind and find inspiration (are we or are we not creative, right?).

Now as for Communication Design itself, our studio is really “our home” as Ian Noble, the MA Communication Design’s director mentioned. It is a really welcoming environment with all the needed facilities. Another interesting point is that the core modules of Communication Design will be taught not only to the students of Communication Design, but also to the students of MA Product and Space, MA Design for Development, MA Fashion and MA Design with Teaching and Learning and there will be required collaboration between the students of all the faculties. This procedure is really intriguing and working with people from different majors and backgrounds will be really enlightening and knowledge worthy.

The presentation of the course from the tutors raised a question that really puzzled me ( and that will also be our first task!) : “What is design?”. It may sound easy but when it really comes to the actual definition, it is really difficult to include or exclude meanings. Design is not pure art, though it was firstly practised by artist like Toulouse Lautrec. There is also the question if learning methods would “kill” one’s originality and imagination. Another part of the conversation after the the symposium that took place with visitors from different fields (fashion, publishing, architecture,etc. ) was the interdisciplinarity in contemporary design. This whole procedure made me question ideas that I was taking for granted, but also realise that design may require a combination of knowledge and skills.

For the moment, design for me is what Saul Bass very successfully expressed as “thinking made visual”. We will see..


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