Our app “MOODIE”

As already mentioned in the previous post, during our start-up experience we created “MOODIE”, our movie app, and here it will be explained how it works!

To begin with, MOODIE was created having in mind the needs of the profile of a client named Jeff. As shown in the picture, Jeff is a guy that works many hours per day, spends a lot of time in

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the public transportation, loves movies but gets bored easily, has a girlfriend but lives alone and in other words, looks for easy solutions that simplify his life and that ease his choices.

In order to help Jeff we created our application “MOODIE” (mood+movie). MOODIE constitutes a search engine for movies, depending on one’s mood. And how this works? Easy! One creates a profile where he/she “rates” the different genres of movies depending on the mood he/she is when he/she watches the specific a style of movie. For example, when I like to watch comedies I am sad and I watch them to cheer me up. In this way, when one wants to watch a movie and he/she is in a specific mood, MOODIE can search for him/her the movies that he/she will enjoy the most at the specific moment. Apart from the mood, other criteria can be added that would make the search more specific, such as decade of movie production, actor, film maker, etc. The most amazing feature though, would be the combination of profiles in search engines. In other words, if someone is with his/her friends they could combine all their profiles from their smart-phones and make a list depending on all people’s taste.

What we found really interesting while creating this app was the fact that we actually tested our mockup on possible clients. Their feedback made our app easier to use, made us improve our mistakes in the design and the best thing: we got as an insight that people would actually pay for having it!:-)

With all these information, our team, “3C”, decided that in order to gain profit from this app, we could have offers/collaborations with movie distributers that could also advertise on the “Moodie website” too. And that people would pay 50p or a quid to add more than two people for a combined search in their app.

I hope one day we will actually launch this app! I would use it!;-)



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