→ How does a deaf person and a person with mobility restriction can survive in Kingston’s Business School?

I may sound crazy with this title. And others may think “what has that to do with creativity?”, but MACERs know exactly what I am talking about! During our Design thinking class we had a weird task to accomplish. In pairs, we experienced the “trip” of visiting the bathroom facilities of the building as people having a specific disability. This experience was interesting and fun in the same time.

On the one hand, we had the chance to actually feel how different it is to circulate in a building while having some restrictions. We realised through this experiment the difficulties that people with these kind of problems confront every day. And this was only a circulation in one building! It also made as think how they feel but also how some simple practical details, like automatic doors, can ease their life in a great extent.

On the other hand, it was an amusing experience, as we learned how someone feels depending on someone and collaborate with him/her, get to know him/her better and share experiences in order to accomplish a goal.

Check the following link .  It may make you understand people with disabilities..



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