In the kaleidoscope: Max’s customer experience in “spoon’s”

The Design Thinking activities are always creative and unique. Last week’s most amusing part of our courses was, by fer, our presentations of our experience of the customer journey in a pub. Our “restriction” was to think out of the box and create our own story for the presentation and not a power point. All the presentations were special and made my day! 🙂

In addition, the whole experience of the customer journey was awesome as we had to go out with our group, observe people, exchange opinions and ideas, collaborate and also laugh with each others’ comments. Our own observation was the customer journey in a pub. We chose Wetherspoons as it isa brunch that everyone knows and it also has the figure of the local pub. Our visit there was really interesting as we spotted some details that none of us had ever thought the even exist in a pub. For example, it was really interesting the fact that we saw a lot of loners and overaged people. The table number used in the food order that takes place at the bar was another unusual thing for us. Our whole experience was described through a client figure that really gained our interest! This figure was named Max. We created a sketch trying to illustrate all our observations through this figure. I don’t know if the rest of the people enjoyed it, but we really liked this experience!:-)



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