“FREEZE!!!” You have the right to remain silent…. while visiting Frieze Art Fair!

There are people who love and people who hate contemporary art. One is for sure: if one wants to be occupied with the creative industries, he/she can not ignore it. MACE offered us the amazing opportunity to visit Frieze Art Fair. It is one of the greatest art fairs with participants from all over the world, including the largest galleries of the global art market. It is an exhibition situated in Regent’s Park that has three part: the main art fair, Frieze masters and the park exhibition with contemporary sculptures that are designed to coexist with a natural environment like a park.

The exhibition had as Mr peterson very successfully had mentioned to us huge diversity. It was a sold-out three day event with people from all over the world that either are interested in investing in modern art, or just to see it. The design of the exhibition as a building had minimal lines that gave a lot of space to the galleries to use it as they prefer. In this way, the viewer’s eye had the chance to rest in between the galleries and not get bored or to tired. It is a huge exhibition with around 170 participants. One can spend his whole day there as the fair provide rest facilities, art shop, coffee and toilets. Everything is designed in the same minimal mood that characterizes contemporary art. It is divided into different parts, depending on the galleries’ status. For example, there is a different area for the main big galleries than for those that are participating for the first time.

In the Art fair one can see different types of expressing contemporary art , like video art, installations, digital sculptures, paintings, collage, mix of ready-made materials, etc. From my personal point of view the key words for this exhibition is innovation and extreme. This does not necessarily mean that the result is aesthetically nice. It could just mean that it is surprising or shocking. The interesting part is that there are a lot of people that are willing to see these pieces of art and even invest on them many thousands of pounds.

Moreover, Frieze is also a way for galleries to upgrade their status and the status of the artists they cooperate with. Media, in an international level, are interested in this event. Thus, publicity is part of the fair. Reputation is built like that. Thus, art fairs have a double role of status amelioration and sales of art.

Last but not least, I will speak about what gained my interest the most. It was the sculpture park. As shown in the pictures, our visit took place while the weather was really nice. This made our walk to the park even better. Regent’s Park is a really nice park that makes you escape from the rhythms of a big city like London. It is a park full of green and little squirrels. This surrounding environment alongside with nature’s colours autumn colours create a very natural environment that could be an amazing background for sculptures. The pieces of art we saw at the park were designed to fit really well with this environment. Though most of them were made from synthetical materials, they had a really good much with the background. And the best of all, this image made you have positive feelings! 🙂

So, to conclude, speaking honestly I am not a big fun of modern art and Frieze fair did not change my mind, For sure though it OPENED my mind…



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