Once again in the Design Thinking class we had the chance to experience something interesting and really challenging!! Separated in random teams we had to create an innovative shoe in LESS THAN TWO HOURS! Firstly, we had to understand the customers needs and create a profile of a client. Our team decided to find insights by interviewing people. T o have more insights we went out to find people divided into three groups of two people. Through this procedure we had the chance to compare and contrast different views, to understand how different age groups think and thus, have a variety of opinions. The profile to which we concluded was represented by Nick: a 25 year old full time student who wants comfortable shoes for all day and every circumstance (since he is also trying to find a job) and priced up to 60 quid. The result: We came up with the shoe “ADD-ON”!

Our “ADD-ON” shoe would be a multi-used shoe that could actually be worn in different ways. It can be produced into two versions: leather and fabric. It looks as a design of men leather ankle boots with medium sole. At the top front it has laces (can be replaced by many different colours).

The area around the laces has black zippers that look interesting as a design, to make the design less conservative but still formal, but also have the use of removing the laces and leaving the shoes with a coloured changeable fabric made top.It would also have a woollen removable shock-type inside for the winter. In this way, Nick will have many shoes in one by removing and ADDing things on the shoes depending on his personal style.

This creation was absolutely extraordinary! It needed from us speed, collaboration, innovation, creativity, thinking and persuasion. There was one point that was hilarious but also, in a way, puzzled us: the mock-up! Without any materials creating a mockup…hmmm… not really easy! Fortunately, Angelika had the perfect shoe to start building our own shoe! ;-p These are the difficult and challenging conditions under which we have to work! So demanding conditions that make us present even without wearing a shoe!hahah!

Lastly, we also had the idea of creating a lace-shoe! It would be again designed for Nick. A shoe that would be created by black laces everywhere! Innovative, black, soft, waterproof. Only for this mockup I will buy laces next time! ;-p


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