Moniker Art Fair: where the streets meet the art..

Sunday afternoon, 14th October, Shortridge, London: A very sunny day where people are all around the streets, there are open markets , loud music, cameras, colours, sprays and people hanging on ladders and painting walls: WELCOME TO MONIKER PEOPLE! A proper art celebration!:-)

These very first images made me feel that I am going to a proper celebration! The fair, as it was its last day, it was really crowded. The fair was organised into spaces given to artist to show their work. Most of the artists were related to street art. I would say that Moniker is the Frieze fair of street art.There was a big difference between every and each of them. During my visit to the fair, there was a press conference about moniker and art. One of the artists also took part and answered questions. His name was Luke Chueh. He also signed his books. There were most of the artists in the fair, promoting their work. Artists also sold their books/catalogues with their work or posters,as a cheaper version of the original piece. Niels Shoe Meulman, on of the most famous graffitti artists especially in the Netherlands, has a unique style of typographic graffiti called “Calligrafitti”. In the fair, in collaboration with a printing company, some of his pieces were printed live at the event and they were hand finished there. These interactive parts of the fair made it even liver and more interesting!

Moreover, Moniker was really multinational with artists from many different parts of the world that have developed their own style and techniques. All the area around was in the mood of this event and postcards of the event could be found in the shopa around. The fair had also a shop and a coffee shop. Prices of the original were roughly between 1,000-2,000 pounds. One could buy the catalogue of the fair, posters and books.

Through Moniker, I realised that people , especially young generations, are much more into street art that any other kind of art. Nevertheless, it is not the most expensive kind of art. The possibility of creating copies makes it even cheaper and affordable. Street art seems more approachable than other kinds of art and that is why media ara also interested in it. Though it seems that Moniker art fair was much more orientated into sales than the Moving Images fair.

To conclude, this celebration mood of interactive events and knowing the artists made Moniker my favourite experience in fairs.:-) Obviously I didn’t like all the pieces but I really liked the conceps and styles of most of them. I hope soon I will enjoy as much something new! And to understand how it was, take a look at the video…


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