Moving Image Fair

The 11-14 October was a three-day period full of art fairs and art events in London. For this reason it was worthy to visit exhibitions and fairs. In this concept, I visited the moving image contemporary video art fair. To be honest, I am not really familiarised to video art. I have only been to a few exhibitions, so this “trip” to the video world as really interesting.

To begin with, the fair was situated in the oxo centre, where one can find a lot of different exhibitions, galleries and shops that are related to different forms of art and design. The entrance at the fair was free. These two observations show that the fair wants to widen its audience and also that it is totally a part of the art world.

While entering the fair one could get all the information needed by the reception and he/she could also take a promotion bag of the fair and other related leaflets and books for free. Thus, from the very beginning of the fair it was shown that they wanted the event to be advertised and more known. In this fair, even the building was interesting and contributed to the contemporary / alternative style of the exhibition. The videos were quite conceptual and had texts explaining the idea, information about the artist and the galleries. Obviously it was n’t as crowded as other fairs like Frieze, but the people visiting the exhibition were more related to art.

The fair was divided into two floors and into many rooms. Some of the rooms had many screens and many artists , some of them only one. The videos were on repeat mode and were less than ten minutes each. It was really interesting to see people’s reactions. Comparing to other fairs with paintings or other types of tangible art , people would spend more time trying to understand the videos and the artist’s point.

Personally speaking, I enjoyed visiting this exhibition because it was something new to me, I visited a really nice place, I met and exchanged point of views with people related to art and saw some really interesting concepts!:-)


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