This weeks’s most important. I would say, and maybe most interesting event I attended , was the First Aid training , organised by the Kingston University Students’ Union Volunteering department! First of all, it is really good that the Volunteers and the university in general , provides this training. As Chris, our First Aid trainer mentioned, the most important problem in accidents and emergency cases is that people stand there without doing anything or they just take pics or videos! What is needed is a person with composure, to just give tasks to everyone that can help. Like for example, someone needs to call an ambulance, someone the police, etc. The sad thing is that as Chris told us more and more people seem to overpass someone wounded without offering help, just by thinking that someone else will help. A really shocking example of this kind of attitude is the little girl in China, almost a year ago, that was hit by a car and 18 people passed next to her and didn’t stop to help. Unfortunately, as we learned, it is not one exception.. That is why first aiders are needed. To be there at these very moments of panic to ACT. The most important think is to keep the patient to the best condition possible till an ambulance arrives. We learned how to recognise a stroke from a hear attack and how to keep alive patients with these kind of problems , as well as prevent choking and take care of a person that is bleeding. Another important that people should remember is that they should not provide help when specific medical knowledge that they do not have is needed. For example, if one does not know anything about injections , he/she should not offer this kind of help as more damage can be caused. Moreover, it is of primary importance that people go to learn how to offer first aid help as in many cases simple things like CPR can save a life. Many times he ambulance comes even  after hours after an incident. The brain will stop working after 4 minutes of a not getting oxygen. This could be prevented by first aid help. The most important is to keep a patient alive so that he /she manages to stay alive till arriving at the hospital.

The British Heart Foundation created a really good campaign about promoting only hands CPR. It is really smart , funny and also helpful. It shows how important and how easy it is to help someone! 😉

enjoy the video…



  1. ivobochenski

    This is a great video! My mum is a nurse so i saw it a while back; the more people get on board the better. Also, an excellent use of marketing!

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