Job start experience

Thursday 1st November I attended the Job start event in Kingston Penhryn Road Campus, organised by Kingston’s Career and Employability team. The event included several seminars where people of the industry talked about subjects that concern especially us, the students that will look for the job very soon. These subjects were organised as shown below

  • Applications
  • Interviews
  • Body talk
  • Assessment centres


One of the things that most graduates do not pay attention to or think of of it as of minor importance is body language. This is why I chose to write about that.

This one hour seminar was run by behaviourist Jeremy Todd that works for the Impact factory, a company that helps people improve their communication, presentation and leadership skills. It was a really interesting interactive seminar that made me understand the importance of body language in interviews that verifies what John Berger very successfully has mentioned in his book “ways of seeing” that “Seeing comes first”.

Speaking frankly, before this seminar I didn’t even know what a behaviourist does as a job. Jeremy gave us the chance to understand that it is we, ourselves that are to decide how we want to be perceived by others and that in an interview it matters more HOW one says something than what he/she actually says. As mentioned in the presentation, it only matters 10% the words and 90% the non-verbal things (like the body posture, eye-contact, tone of voice, etc.) in an interview.

Last but not least, it was also mentioned the the first impression is the most important thing as you other get other people’s attention , either they are not captivate by you and so, it is more difficult to make them be interested in you.

To conclude , this seminar was a really good experience that made me think of a lot of things people don’t pay attention to and on the job market it’s these little details that make the difference! Hope my comments will help you too! 🙂

And just a link that our tutor Mark recommended and I found interesting:


  1. ancanicolaescu

    And it is interesting to look at how body language communicates something to our own mind as well, not just to others. That staying in a certain posture can make you feel powerful or powerless. This idea is from the video from TED that Janja posted on facebook and it was an idea that took me by surprise to be honest.

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