Debating in class

In the Contemporary issues and the creative economy class we took part in a debate . The general subject was Geography and the creative industries . The class was separated into groups with different subjects. The group that I participated into was about the “Tech City” project that takes place in London and is related to making inner easter London the centre of companies related to digital industries. It is the first time I participate in a debate without without reorganising it with my team. The subject was really interesting because I had never heard before of the concept of “Tech City”. For this reason I was really “neutral” about this subject. The reading that we had to do before the debate was very helpful. The good think about think about this experience is that we had to cooperate that we have never worked before, manage to expose as many ideas as possible about the subject, express different opinions and have a proper conversation. Really enjoy this learning procedure. 🙂

A video about “Tech City”…

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