Visiting Tate: The Klein + Moriyama exhibition

Last weekend I visited a great photography exhibition in Tate Modern gallery. Unexpectedly for me, as I am not a great fun of contemporary photography, I spent more than two hours in there! Although I am open to seeing different new things, I get easily bored in exhibitions and tend to pass things really quickly. Especially in an exhibition like this one that has a subject shots in streets and modern urban life in general, in New York and Tokyo I would be sure that I would leave quickly. Nevertheless, this exhibition was totally interesting and I recommend it to everyone!

What made it so interesting, apart from the actual art pieces obviously, was the way it was organised that made it so easy for everyone to follow it and be informed about the artists. In this way, before one entered the exhibition, he/she was given a little booklet/ tour guide that introduced to the viewer each room by having information about the specific pieces, the specific period of time for the artist and the period of time socially. This guide was the key for me to “see” the work of the two artists. It was a small booklet and had enouph information to understand everything but not to be tired. So, if you go, DO take the booklet!!!

William Klein is a western artist. His works include photography, movie direction and graphic design. Daido Moriyama is a Japanese artist that is inspired by captivating pictures of every day life. He likes seizing each moment. The first part is Klein’s work and the second Moriyama’s work. It is really interesting to compare and contrast the work of two successful artists that have totally different origins and influences.

 some  links for more info:

William Klein + Daido Moriyama | Tate

BBC News – William Klein and Daido Moriyama at Tate Modern



  1. ivobochenski

    Sounds interesting. I like looking at photos because the are sometimes like windows into somewhere else. Which did you like more and why..?

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