What we did in FADA last semester


This project could be characterised for me by three words: design- interdisciplinarity – manifesto. These could be also considered the steps with which the project was organised within our group. People with different backgrounds working together can be risky. After having completed the project, I am happy not only to be able to say that this collaboration was successful, but also to be able to say that I learned a lot new things form my colleagues and to consider them as friends.

To begin with, group L (MY ICY CoctailE team)is a group of multinational illustrators , graphic designers and product designers. Obviously the beginning was not easy… Not only was it a group of different majors, but it also was a group of different cultures. From the very first meeting one could identify the variety of skills within the team: Yiannis leadership, Rene technology, Margot practicality and handcrafting, Cho and Eilleen artistic and ease to participate on a team. I personally developed my skills of organisation, time and team management. We managed to meet twice a week, especially when theoretical ideas like our love and hate list had to be decided. Each of us had a personal opinion and all voices were heard equally. At that point I personally realised how some things like design are conceived in different ways. I realised the differences between Asian and European taste in design and also some aspects of good and bad design that I personally had not thought of. The nice part of all this procedure was that we all participated with excitement and by accepting each others’ job roles and the fact that we all were punctual and open minded. At the end of this process we ended up with our list of what is good and bad design that we presented through our “design bar”

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 12.50.12Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 12.50.38

The second part of our project, the final piece of design for our exhibition, had both negative and positive aspects. The positive aspect was that we knew each other well enough to be better organised. The negative parts were that we all had pressure from other modules. It was also really difficult to realise what the brief was asking us to do and how this could be transformed through our design manifesto.

Last but not least, the building process offered us a lot of new practical skills related to the workshop. There was also needed time management and good communication with technicians. The outcome was a light installation with colours and liquids that works as an interactive lava lamp. This installation expresses the team’s design manifesto:

Design is in abundance all around us, we flow in an ocean of design, see it, use it to make our ideas sail away, experience it, but it is quite hard to define it and say what it really is about. In a similar way, it is not easy to tell what is the shape of the deep oceans that cover most of the globe. After all liquids have no fixed shape, they take the shape of a container. That is what happens with design; it takes the shape our needs give to it. Needs constantly changing due to the ever rolling waves of technological progress, needs demanding always new, innovative mixtures of different design disciplines in order to be met.

Here is a video of how it works :

2013-01-14 19.56.52 2013-01-14 19.58.06 2013-01-16 18.54.58 2013-01-16 18.57.50

I really enjoyed this project! 🙂


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