First MACE class after Christmas


As a “welcome back to uni” MACE organised a workshop with Gerry from SG Coaching, concerning presentation skills. All the student teams from our young enterpreneurs project had to prepare a five minute presentation which would be related to their user persona of their product. I have to admit that as soon as I saw that w had to do presentations again, I thought it would be a really boring day because we know what are the teams making. Surprisingly enough, the presentations were really interesting and amusing! For me personally were so much fun that they were more about experimenting with creative thinking concepts than having a class presentation. So, CONGRATS to all MACERS (and our I.B.M. Colleagues)!! Your presentations were so interesting that I didn’t loose focus even for a minute!

Each presentation was different and unique, as the products are quite different too. All of them had positive aspects and kept the limit of five minutes. The most useful part though I think was the feedback from each other. In terms of presentation skills, each team managed to be punctual, innovative, used skills like storytelling and in general everyone kept the audience interested! Of course, there were also negative aspects of the presentations too. Otherwise the whole workshop would be pointless… Negative aspects concerned in general the low level of voice, not introducing the members of the team, not having all the people participating in presentation, the low level of consistency , not showing the actual product and time management. Every team was lacking something different.

My two favourite presentations were those of team 42 and Eastetic team. Though they had different style of presenting, they both seemed really relaxed, enjoying their presentation and knowing their users! BRAVO guys!

The most important part of the whole workshop was the presenting tips that Gerry gave us through his experience in in pitching! Here are they important points I kept:

  • Do a lot of rehearsals so that there is a natural flow while presenting
  • People remember you when you leave something behind
  • Call to action must be part of the presentation
  • Try to make conversation to keep people interested
  • Make sure your objective is realized
  • Dress properly
  • Eye-contact with the audience
  • People only keep 5 points when they leave
  • Clarify names/job roles of each person in the team


I think this workshop could be really beneficial for us as what we got out of it is for actual job conditions.:-)



  1. shrutibarton

    Hi Joanna, thanks for the shout out! We are working on a new presentation which we hope will be more engaging and coordinated than before. Great to have a recap from you with Gerry’s key messages.

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