Design is…. a reflection related to what our product “My mini garden” represents

After our last little “trip” in the shopping world, trying to identify the character of brands I did a bit of research about packaging and design ideas that are similar to Button’s group Young Enterprising product. To begin with, let’s start with “my mini garden” itself.. So, our product is a bookmark that is used also as a guide of how to plant your own herbs and flowers in simple steps. It also includes the seeds and cooking recipes which promote the use of the herbs you grow. There are also some eco -friendly simple tips of how to improve your gardening skills. It is a “cute” product that its’ strong point s the story behind and the eco-friendly attitude of the brand that promotes not only planting, but an eco-friendly way of life, as on our market display we always create pots of herbs from reused cups, showing how easy, creative and fun this procedure can be!

Screen shot 2013-03-29 at 02.14.06

In the market, at first I had a look in postcards stands and in bookmarks.. I realised that bookmarks usually are treated as a gift and probably are expensive metallic or leather ones. As for the paper one, they are treated as part of the postcards stand.. So usually, nothing extremely interesting to show unless they are part of a specific design line for kids like “hello Kitty”, for example.

2013-03-13 19.30.10

In order to find thing that are more similar to the identity of my mini garden, I looked in innovative gift solutions or organic/ eco-friendly products. In this way, I came across some really interesting packagings: the first one is a tea can which is reusable and personalised. This feeling of having something had-made and also something that will not pollute nature is also part of my mini garden. In addition sustainability is also another characteristic.

2013-03-14 19.20.07

The coffee club product is really interesting as it has simple packaging and offers also variety, as we also do both through having different herbs as well as having different recipes and button decoration of the bookmark.

2013-03-14 19.20.58

The two other gift ideas that I came across are related to the “green feeling” of my mini garden and also the participation in growing plants. It can be understood that eco friendly ideas are always a simple pure design that also gives an eco-friendly and simplicity feeling.

2013-03-14 19.20.38 2013-03-14 19.20.27



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