This week finished the light show exhibition in Hayward Gallery. A sold out exhibition that could be considered as one of the best London exhibitions of 2013. It included a large variety of installations and sculptures that were researching the different aspects of light within space. There were participating 22 artists with artworks from 1960’s till today. The large variety of materials, origins of the artists and periods of time that the pieces were produced created a large variety of pieces that made the exhibition extremely interesting. It was really nice seeing that the audience included different groups of people from young artists to parents with their children. Through this “trip through the light” it could be understood the different perceptions of installations through the decades. For example, older pieces were smaller in the size and more like a construction. There was experimentation with materials and different kind of lamps. The more recent ones were bigger in the size and more related to the reaction of light with the space around and the interaction with different materials, or having a total different social statement, where light was used as a medium to illustrate it. All these different approaches made every piece unique! A great experience!  Light Show at Hayward Gallery, London.  Photo by Linda Nylind. 27/1/2013. International Artists Exhibit Their Work As Part Of The Hayward Gallery's Light Show exhibition images-1 images poster

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