A different fair!

Through the Young Enterprises scheme all the MACE experienced many times participation in fairs in order to promote their products. Through this procedure we all learned a lot! Last week I had the chance to participate in a different fair. It took place at Kingston market and I was in the Kingston University’s Design School stand. The fair took place from 20:00 to 22:00, and the stand included works of product design, graphic design and illustration students.

Main differences with Young Enterprises fair were the time, as our fairs were set in the morning and the variety of participants, as it was not just a student fair. The Young Enterprises fair was set during the day. This means that the target market was limited to people who do not work and they are out for their grocery shopping. The evening fair had a larger variety of people, as there could be found people that were going out for dinner, people that had finished shopping or work and students. In addition, I the fair there could be found not only artistic creations, but also food, drinks and music. Therefore, more people were staying at the event hanging around. It can’t be said that this is a good thing or a bad thing. More people showed up on the night fair but mostly to listen music and eat something. Not to buy things. On the other hand, In Young enterprises fair, the character of the fair was more formal, having the mares of both Kingston and Richmond there to visit the stands. Knowing that there were students showing their product, people would come to check what students made and encourage them to keep up the good work


Another observation of mine refers to the stands, specifically of the MACE students and the Design School students. Mace had stands that were formal with a strong identity of their products. Each stand represented one product. Students were welcoming and ready t promote and explain the use of their products. Design School’s stand had a lot of different products for addressing different audiences. This meant that more people would come near to see the stand , but also in the same time stand was too crowded without letting people to focus on one product. Also, there was no clear sign showing that the products were students’ work. Nevertheless, Design school people were more relaxed and friendly . They showed in action how products were used and spoke about them with more love for them as this is what they love doing.. I guess this is what make them designers:-p.

Both experiences were unique and really interesting for me. I enjoyed them and had lots of fun!



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