Last Fair!

Last week MACE had the last fair for our businesses. It took place in Kingston Business School. It was a really nice experience as all teams were more relaxed (as all the difficult parts of the enterprises were already done ) and more in a mood of celebration. I could see that we all reached the point of knowing well how to promote our products and how to create nice stands. Surprisingly enough, at least for me, a lot of people passed from the fair and most of us did also have quite good sales. At the end of the fair there was the “Celebrating entrepreneurship event”, where awards were given to both people who participated at the fair, as well as to students and tutors who promote entrepreneurship in Kingston. It was really interesting to listen about their products and to learn that Kingston University is the top entrepreneurial university in UK the last three years! The drinks and food at the end were also really rewarding for us!;-p Finally Ferox and 42 companies good luck to the national finals of Young Enterprises Competition! MACE will be there to support you! I love that above all MACE is one team !



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