Joan Miro was Insomniac?!

Not really! The Joan Miro Foundation, one of Barcelona’s best museum and nicest architectural buildings, is hosting currently the exhibition named “Insomnia”. From 22/03 to 16/06/2013 people visiting the museum, apart from seeing the lovely permanent Miro collection, can also experience a contemporary film /photography exhibition that includes installations of artists from all over the world.


As I have mentioned in my post for moving images fair , I personally do not really enjoy video art installations. Nevertheless, I found this one extremely interesting. Though artists are contemporary from sixties till today, they did not use any extravagant ways of showing their idea. Therefore, in most cases, the actual subject and research of each artist Is more interesting than the medium that is used to illustrate it.


Black and white photos, old style stop motion short films, use of everyday subjects, constructions are some of the things that are used to illustrate to “modify the conventions of cinema from three different perspectives: by analysing the convergence of photography and cinema, modifying traditional forms of projection and creating new kinds of viewing spaces, and renewing the models of film narrative” (


84047114 Insomnia-Miro-2013-590x315 Parc-Montjuic-Barcelona Unknown Hollis-Frampton_nostalgia-2-300x180

Work of artists like Hollis Frampton, Stan VanDerBeek, Dan Graham, Ben Rivers, Stan Douglas,Lis Rhodes and Peter Kubelka are included.


A must-see exhibition in Barcelona! Yet, the foundation in its’ total is a must -see for artist lovers and people that want to explore Catalan art. And the good thing is that a ticket includes both permanent and temporary exhibitions. Besides, this was the visions of Miro’s itself for this foundation: to promote art and allow people to see his art but also other contemporary artists’ work. It is really nice that his ancestors embrace his and his wife will by donating or lending a lot of Miro’s artwork. If the weather allows it, it is really nice to visit the garden as well as the terrace that includes Miro’s sculptures. I was really amazed by the fact that Barcelona has managed to mix beautifully art, nature and athleticism, as the museum is located in the olympic complex and next to botanic gardens. Thus, a visitor can spend a lovely day discovering different things in the amazing natural scenery of Montjuic Hill!

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