Why don’t you get inside(r) a gallery for First Thursdays?

Last week was the opening of Insider Gallery pop-up shows in Curious Duke Gallery Various artists, like Inkie, Dank, Hunto, Masai, Parlee, Benjamin Murphy, Pogger, Andy Corlett, Ferre and International Nobody, participate. Artists  with different approaches, different backgrounds, interests that come from all over the world. Located in Islington, an area in East London full of graffiti and street art, the concept of this exhibition really fits in the cosy Curious Duke Gallery.

The artists use their own techniques and styles. One can see very different artworks. Some of the creations even use the walls as part of their canvas. In this way,  the space becomes part of the exhibited art. Whoever was in the launch party would actually see the artists creating their work!(Thanks also for the beers guys!) Spray, comics, letters, acrylics,  skateboards, typefaces are some of the mediums used by the artists in this exhibition. Totally recommended event for Late Thursdays!!

(The exhibition will last till 13th June)





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