Kingston’s FADA show!

Kingston’s creative graduates are presenting their work in their show in Knight’s Park Campus. Since Saturday, Kingston’s Design School is full of designs, constructions and media applications made by the Bachelor students of Kingston Design School, Fine Arts and School of Architecture. A lot of people came to celebrate the final show of the graduates. The work of students ıs really ın a really good level showing innovative ideas and love for creativity. What caught my attention ıs the fact that students dıd not let the ‘boundaries’ of the titles of their courses limit theır work. In other words, one can see constructions and games ın illustration and graphıc design as well as posters at product design. This reminded me of Ian Noble’s vision for the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture. He was always speaking about  interdiscıplınarity within the creative courses and that all students should take advantage of the university’s so well equipped workshop.  Thıs exhibition ıs like seeing ın real what he talked about. Taking into consideration the needs of nowadays’ market İ think it is really important for creative people to expand theır capacities as much as possible by using new approaches. I am sure Ian Noble would be really proud for the Design School. R.İ.P our beloved tutor.


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