London: Celebrating East in the West?! WTF?


Dalston Takeover @ VICTORIA& ALBERT MUSEUM late fridays!

Everyone knows that V&A museum is one of the largest art & culture museums in the world. What makes it so special is that it constitutes a contemporary cultural centre that embraces today’s lifestyle, creativity and diversity. Who could imagine listening to reggae  next to Canova’s amazing sculptures? who could imagine listening to DUB music and drinking mojitos in an art museum?  This is why V&A is so unique and special and makes life come into the museum.

So, some words about the event… Every last Friday of the month V&A remains open till late so that visitors can enjoy the museum at night. Under this concept, last night there was a special FREE event in the museum : DALSTON TAKEOVER!

Dalston is located in East London. It is an upcoming hipster style area, where a lot of alternative theatres, musician and artists in general choose to live and work. V& A  is promoting contemporary creativity and as a museum of London, it promotes life in it. Therefore, a series of four nights promoting creative communities started last night, under the title of “FRIDAY LATE DALSTON TAKEOVER”. Live performances, cutting-edge fashion, debates, one-off displays and installations, special guests, bar and food, guest DJs, late-night exhibition opening. The event started at 18.30 and finished at 22.00. It ended as a big party celebration. This series of events constitute a unique mixture of modern culture and creativity , having as a background the art of the past. A totally recommended event! Congratulations to all the people who contributed to this event! These events make London worth living in it!

for more info click here



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