We all live in a Bowie’s world: David Bowie: A branding genius.


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Victoria and Albert museum is currently running an exhibition dedicated to David Bowie.  Usually exhibitions are related to historic figures or a specific theme. V&A decided to do something innovative and thus, honour a british contemporary artist that has contributed into nowadays creative evolution. The experience of thus exhibition, though, is very interesting not only because of the theme, but also because of the use of different media (video,audio, etc.) and of the wide variety of things exposed in the exhibition.

….But what is so special about  David Bowie? What has he done to be so impressively important to make one of the largest art and culture museums to organise an exhibition about him?  David Bowie is a British creative personality that was never afraid to shock. He is an artist (and I am using the world artist and not singer cause he constitutes a multitalented figure) that has affected nowadays social and creative evolution.  He is a singer, a composer, a director, a designer, a musician, a painter and as seen in the exhibition, he has managed to be involved ,affect and get affected by any form of creativity. The exhibition shows in very smart and interesting ways his life paths and his work. By visiting the exhibition, one can see and hear Bowie’s world,understand how other creatives has influenced him and also how his lifestyle choices made a difference as social statements not just to him, but to the world. The notion of androgyny and Japanese culture are two of the ideas that became famous because of his choices. He uses his his surrounding world for inspiration. This can involve poetry to Kubrick’s films. In brief, Bowie is a personality one step beyond his time  that leads crowds, creates styles and who shows to people that differentiability is not bad.

From a branding point of view, Bowie through all his life managed to brand himself and differentiate. One can understand what a genius he is in terms of using publicity for his self promotion by taking complete advantage of it. Even the exhibition itself has many sponsors and is an advertisement for the release of his new cd. People are also crazy for buying all the Bowie souvenirs in the museum’s shop. The exhibition is always full of people and this shows how this personality has influenced the crowds. It also shows that visitors are  looking for new exhibitions with contemporary subjects and new ways of showing things

. This is Britain’s beauty: embracing today’s culture and recognise contemporary geniuses and their contribution in today’s world.

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