Petersham nurseries: a flower and gardening “school”

When someone hears the word nursery , normally he/ she thinks of chidren’s school. This  is at least what I thought whensomeone recommended to me to visit Petersham nurseries. And I thought “WHAT? “.  “Wait a minute. something is wrong here!”… This was my impression until i actually went there.  Petersham nurseries is a unique place in London that someone could actually visit if he/she is around Richmond. It is a place that closes really early (around 4pm) but you won’t regret visiting it, especially if you love flowers, garden furniture, good cakes ,good coffee or …good wine! By now probably whoever reads this has no clue yet what’s that place…Right? Let me be more specific… It is a nursery where one can buy flowers and plants for his / her house. Among the pretty plants there are three spaces: the  furniture, gifts and antiques  shop, the cafe and the restaurant. All these areas are lovely cause their part of the nursery . Lovely decorated, amazing things to buy, amazing coffee and food! It does not matter if you just wanna buy flowers or you just enjoy good italian wine. This place is unique and for every taste. The way it is built with a glass house makes it interesting to visit in different seasons: Outside for warm weather is like a real garden in a more exotic place than UK, but also inside there is an amazing ambiance as a relaxed trip to the past due to the antiques! enjoy! 

Fro more info press here:

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