When Carnival comes to Kingston!

On Sunday 1st September Kingston welcomed autumn with a big feast! Kingston Carnival  event was organised and for the whole day the lovely area of Kingston became colourful, vibrant and musical! Luckily the weather was nice and made the event even more successful! People could enjoy the nice weather with street food and drinks from all over the world. A colourful parade took place in the centre of the town where people could enjoy the colourful costumes and the Caribbean music. It was a very successful celebration for all ages! Kids could enjoy the trampolines and candies, families could watch the AXE Capoeira people dance /fight, musicians playing from jazz  to reggae and dub, associations like Chinesewise School, Kingston Chinese Association, Milaap Day Centre, Saheli Organisation, The Art of Living, Global Arts, Legacy Academy, Kingston Guru Dwara, Sarvoday Hindu Association, Hindi Bal Bhavan School, Kingston Gujarati School, Institute Of Tamil Culture, Sarvoday Youth Association, Kingston Youth Association and much more!


The main stage included Mas Bands including Phoenix Arts and Elimu Paddington, Foot tapping African and Latin American beats from Kasai Masaiand Tribo and David “Ram Jam” Rodigan, MBE, legend of the UK Raggae scene.


A really nice celebration that big kids enjoyed as much as small! 🙂

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