What happens when Eastpak and artists fight against AIDS through creativity

Screen shot 2013-10-29 at 01.12.45IMG_20131026_061622

For third time the Eastpak Artist Studio is taking place world-wide:

The concept:

365 days, in which
56 artists, from
14 countries, on
3 continents, have turned
1 limited edition Eastpak Padded Pak’r® into
∞ possibilities

 The Greek participation celbrated the finissage of the bags created by greek artists in an event full of creativity and… Eastpak bags used in a unique way. The event took place last Thursday in Apotheke bar. The bags of the artists were introduced to the greek audience under the sounds of deep house music by Dj Chris in a lovely ambience created by the people of Eastpak! Mad tv was also there to briefly interview the artists.


DAA (desiggnersagainst aids.com):

All proceeds of the sales will go to the charity organization Designers Against AIDS

Millions of people die because of HIV/AIDS. Meanwhile, a lot of youngsters still have little knowledge on how devastating this illness can be. The non-profit organization Designers Against AIDS (DAA) therefore has a very important message to deliver. Founded in 2004, their goal is to raise awareness amongst youngsters so that they grab the message: “Dude, if you’re old enough to have sex, you’re old enough to have safe sex.”

The best way to reach young people is through pop culture and its celebrities. That’s why DAA chose to collaborate with various famous brands, bands, sports and designers. Eastpak Artist Studio is all about helping DAA as much as possible.” (http://artiststudio.eastpak.com/about)

More info @




The greek participation is composed of four bags that are completely different inbetween them. The concepts, the styles, everything was so unique in each creation. The artists were allthe to be photographed with their creations and to explain their ideas. There were also projected amazing videos about each bag, giving allthe information about each concept. These videos can be found @ http://artiststudio.eastpak.com/creations


The artists:

Antonis Panagiotopoulos: freelance artist -> Anything goes.”


Celebrity Skin: a dynamic, avant garde designer duo -> Dare to wear.”


Konstantinos Melis by Laskos: fashion design collaboration -> “Secret box is your secret life.”


PansikA group of students and the creative director of PANSiK Fashion School joined forces to design a different kind of back pack… -> Creative FREEDOM.”

Overall, It was a great night in a very cosy place with amazing music, wine, fingerfood and little goodies at the end to rememberthe great night!



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