The books take a ride on the garden!


This year Athens was busy with many cultural events that interest different styles and tastes. From Jewellery exhibition in Technopolis , to Street Art in Onassis Cultural Centre and of course, many many summer Music festivals and concerts, from Placebo to Ludovico Einaudi and theatre plays in Epidaurus both classic and modern.


But as September is back and it is back to school- back to books time, a classic festival for all the family is back! The Gardens Book festival is here to make our walks in Zappeion/National Garden even prettier and more enchanting! Almost all the book publishers participate in this book celebration! It is a very unique way to welcome autumn by feeling the nice breeze that now Athens has in the Gardens of Zappeion while getting lost into the new stories to be discovered in the large variety of books that can be found in this festival. Children books, Historic books, Novels, CDs, Comics, Manga and many more theme categories. Books for every taste. The interesting thing , though, is that , due to the location and due to the fact that the publisher’s kiosks are open till 11pm all week, families and groups of friends find the visit to the festival as an entertainment activity. What a better start for an evening than walking in a pedestrian area, nicely lightened that is surrounded by green. This festivals is here to remind us qualities of life from different times that show that feeding our spirit and mind, can relax and fill up our body too! A totally recommended place to visit till Sunday 21st September!

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