When Onassis Cultural Centre flourishes new ideas in deep house rythms!/// Sgt Programme Presentation 2014-2015

It is true that since 2014 that the Onassis Cultural Centre opened, a new era for cultural events started in Athens. The Centre, or better “Sgt”, has become a hub for visual arts, dance and music that keeps Athens up to date with the evolution of creativity. By bringing international productions and also offering the chance to Greek artists to present their work in a high standard designed venue with international resonance, Sgt has inspired other venues in Athens too, making the city a multicultural place that one can find any kind of show that expresses contemporary creativity and interdisciplinarity.

The Onassis Cultural Centre presented the new programme for 2014-2015 last week. The whole building celebrated the upcoming event by becoming a hanging garden full of flowers by the installation of Rebecca Louise Law. The idea of the garden continued at Sgt’s stage, where the people of the Centre presented the programme having as a background the National Garden of Athens. At this point, it is important to mention that the Centre has always supported diversity by being accessible to everyone, having the right infrastructure for deaf or people with disabilities.

Regarding the new programme, it was presented into three circles: theatre, music and visual arts. This year there will be taking place amazing productions like Milo Raou’s “hate radio”, the transitions festival, Houvardas’ production of “Hamlet”, Jazz nights and many more! The Centre continues to support programmes like “Re-think Athens”, In Mute Festival, the educational programme “Film Factory”, Fast Forward Festival, Disabled Theatre, Music Festival for Kids, the EVGE awards and many many more exciting things!

The people that attended the event left with a bag full of goodies and ..flowers! The Programme is a quite heavy publication design by Beetroot creative bureau. As the Centre has a lot of interests, it is a quite difficult booklet to follow. It has a chronicle order but I suggest checking the website for information of the current events, as the it is very well structured.

For more info about the schedule, check the following link:http://www.sgt.gr/gr/programme/event/2104

The evening finished with a reception full of flowers, photo booths , greek finger food, wine and amazing house music by djs! A night to remember! 🙂


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