EURIPIDES [?] RHESUS by Katerina Evangelatos

This year the Athens and Epidaurus Festival gave the unique chance to spectators to experience a very different and unique play. Performed at the archaeological site of Aristotle’s Lyceum, Euripides’ “Rhesus” made each and all of us, the audience, feeling connected with Ancient Greece.

Katerina Evaggelatos, the young director, used in an exceptional way the opportunity of presenting the play at an archaeological site. Walking is the main medium for both actor and viewers to get connected with the site and the play. At the beginning audience and actors/chorus become one part by moving both on site. Using the space both as a scene, but also its physical material like the soil, people get the chance to understand the use of the Lyceum as a training place for the young Athenians. The play starts with the reading of some of the text of Aristotle’s regarding hypnos (sleep) that connect to the play. By using modest media, the moves of the actors are what captures the audience’s attention.

The rhapsody of Iliad is also connected to the modern reality using humor , showing also , though, that complexity of meaning like filia(friendship).

Live music gives a big extra to the play as well as the people who worked for the organization and settlement of the audience on site.

An exceptional example showing that young Greeks are talented and can use their heritage with respect. Maybe the best play of this year’s Athens and Epidaurus Festival.


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