Another Spray on the Wall

This weekend in Erfurt , Germany, it was a very creative weekend!

On Saturday it was the celebration of Berlin’s Wall Fall. I n Erfurt, people saw walls. I may sound crazy but it was an interesting creative approach of how to spend this public holiday.

To begin with, there was taking place “the beach art project”, but it involved no beach. There was organized a graffiti- street art event where people could make graffiti under one bridge with the State’s permission. It was a real fun event! Youth, Music, drinks, kids , sand and.. spray! An amazing event that did not focused only to the age of 15-25. There were people of every age, from parent with their babies to over 50’s that came from curiosity. Even some artists had kids and pets as well! A gathering point with sunny weather and music for every taste. It was a unique opportunity to realize how the social aspect of street art has changed within the years in the society.

To be more specific, once the street art was considered from some something alternative that expresses young people, and for some pure vandalism on walls. This weekend I realized that this has changed a lot . More and more accept it as a form of Art, more and more people express themselves though graffiti and last but not least, it has no age group. As this kind of art started at least ten years ago, nowadays, there people that are over 30 and still paint , people with kids that bring them in this event and of course the young who always love spraying thinking that this makes them older and more rebellious. The identity of painting on walls keeps changing and there is an evolution to it that brings it closer to the society.

Furthermore,, in the same event, there was organized a graffiti tour in Erfurt town. Again, a big group of people from different age groups and interests gathered. There were at least 20 people and our guide had a lot of information to give not only about the existing street art in Erfurt, but also about the different kinds of graffiti and the ideology they represent. As we all know, there are spectacular art pieces that make walls of city prettier and also quick tags or ugly designs that make walls look just dirty. Our guide tried to explain the logic of different kind of pain in the streets and it was very interesting. We were also given a map entitled “OQ pant 2015” city map by Platform E.V., that shows a trip inn the city showing the art on walls of Erfurt. It includes explanations of specific art pieces and also, through this ”trip” one can realize that art is all around the streets and not just the spray on the walls!

12067144_10206824015352453_1439091311_n 12092538_10206824014952443_766065534_n

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