Art Attack in Erfurt!


This weekend was the opening event of FÖN Kunstpreis #4. This is an art exhibition, open to anyone, artist and non-artist. Any kind of artwork submissions is accepted. The interesting part is that every time they choose a different location to run it with the thought of reusing old buildings and transform them to an art gallery. It was amazing to see an old beer factory being transformed to an event hall with more than 80 artworks. This year’s subject of the art exhibition was “From the diary of missed opportunities”. It was very interesting to see the different interpretations of this rather poetic title. There were installations, paintings, video art, poems and many more.

In the concept of reusing old building, there were commissioned some spaces to artists to “play” with them where people could only see the artworks from a fence without accessing those spaces (probably for safety reasons). It was unbelievable to see how the empty space with ruins could be transformed to an artwork itself by those artists!


My ArtWork! 🙂


IMAG1178 IMAG1179 IMAG1180 IMAG1181 IMAG1183 IMAG1184 IMAG1185 IMAG1188 IMAG1189 IMAG1190 IMAG1191 IMAG1192 IMAG1193 IMAG1195 IMAG1196 IMAG1197 IMAG1198 IMAG1199 IMAG1201 IMAG1203 IMAG1206 IMAG1208 IMAG1209

For the opening of the exhibition, the space was also transformed to a live band performance venue that everyone enjoyed and ended up to a big party!

A big crowd came to support this art event! Unbelievably big! It is nice to see that despite the fact that Thuringen remains a quite closed minded society to many social issues, in terms of art, the young generations (and not only them!) are interested in art. The exhibition has three prizes and there were participations from many places in Germany and international. This exhibition was more special to me as I also send an artwork of mine, named “Hypnos”. It was a great feeling to see people appreciating my work!

The exhibition will last till November 13th. For more info please visit:

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