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More than a (hi)story: Odysseys


Since a year now Athens Archaeological Museum is hosting ‘Odysseys’ exhibition, a commemorative event on the occasion of the 150th anniversary since the foundation of the Museum.

If anyone is visiting or living currently in Athens, it’s a definite must see!

The exhibition is included to the museum ticket (5 euros) and it is a hidden gem within the rest of the masterpieces there.

The whole exhibition is a well-organised combination of antiquities, myths, poetry and history exposed in contemporary way with special light design, etc.

It is separated in three parts that allow the visitor to understand Odyssey, but also the meaning of Ithaca in its broaden explanation as well described at Cavafy’s poem that shares ideas that link life of the past with today.


A deep and meaningful exhibition that show the impact of Odyssey in art, ancient religion, poetry, theatre, etc. What a better welcoming to the exhibition than a video with the great blue Agean sea view – maybe the only thing that remains the same all these centuries and hides all the great Odysseys and the reading of C. P. Cavafy’s ‘Ithaca’ by Sean Connery.


Congratulations to all the people who created this magnificent exhibition and a big thank you to Stavros Niarchos Foundation as without it, nothing of this great work would be possible to be exhibited. There is a lot to see and learn there for the past and for nowadays as well.


For more info regarding this lovely exhibition, check the Museums’a site: http://www.namuseum.gr/museum/pressreleases/2016/pressrelease_ODYSSEYS16_paid-en.html