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April in ATHENS: What is so special

A lot of people have talked about the special colour of light in Athens. Others like Athens because of its history. Personally speaking, my own special thing in Athens is walking at Aiolou Street towards the Acropolis. The combination of the central hipster life with the amazing view of Erehteion Temple constitutes the absolute life snapshot of Athens. But what is so special in spring in Athens?

A lot of people tend to identify places by the archaeological sites, the museums or the nature of the area. Athens, though, apart from all the antiquities and the great food, has an extra special thing to identify the city especially in spring.

Despite the fact that in Athens centre one won’t see parks with great ponds, it has it one kind of ‘green statement’ . All pavements from the very centre to the green suburbs are full of tangerine trees.

All year long they give a bit of natural life in the grey city. But in spring, the city is like being again full of Christmas decorated trees with all the orange tangerines giving colour to all the city.

What is special with this image is not the image, but the smells and the feeling. In April Athens transforms to a city full of smells like orange blossom due to the trees. The sun and the cool breeze and the little cafes with seats outside give a unique experience to the visitor with an unforgettable….waft

Last but not least to this trip in town full of fresh flower smells, is the visit to Athinas Street. It is one of the oldest commercial streets downtown. Having the central meat and fish markets running there for decades, as well as the market of spices, the street has a unique identity all year long. In spring Athinas Street one could say is the prettiest street in Athens. It transforms to a street full of beautifyul flowers that smell amazing! The street is full of lilacs from both sideways and it is like walking in a long arcade full of colours and odours that make you dream. At the end of the walk one lookup to the sun with the clear blue sky, the shining sun (which is not too hot in spring) and the unique of the Acropolis. And all this makes visiting Athens in spring so special J

Petersham nurseries: a flower and gardening “school”

When someone hears the word nursery , normally he/ she thinks of chidren’s school. This  is at least what I thought whensomeone recommended to me to visit Petersham nurseries. And I thought “WHAT? “.  “Wait a minute. something is wrong here!”… This was my impression until i actually went there.  Petersham nurseries is a unique place in London that someone could actually visit if he/she is around Richmond. It is a place that closes really early (around 4pm) but you won’t regret visiting it, especially if you love flowers, garden furniture, good cakes ,good coffee or …good wine! By now probably whoever reads this has no clue yet what’s that place…Right? Let me be more specific… It is a nursery where one can buy flowers and plants for his / her house. Among the pretty plants there are three spaces: the  furniture, gifts and antiques  shop, the cafe and the restaurant. All these areas are lovely cause their part of the nursery . Lovely decorated, amazing things to buy, amazing coffee and food! It does not matter if you just wanna buy flowers or you just enjoy good italian wine. This place is unique and for every taste. The way it is built with a glass house makes it interesting to visit in different seasons: Outside for warm weather is like a real garden in a more exotic place than UK, but also inside there is an amazing ambiance as a relaxed trip to the past due to the antiques! enjoy! 

Fro more info press here: http://www.petershamnurseries.com/

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Does anyone think about Gardening in Central London ?!

… Apparently Yes!And there is a museum about garden inLondon! How could the city with one of the pretiest parks won’t have a garden museum! England could be famous for one thing: the amazing green sceneries and of course, … the berries! But whose taking care of all these parks, flowers and gardens? Gardening has a long tradition in UK’s history! The garden museum is here to enlight us about all the things needed to be known in order to take care an english cottage, also about the history of gardening’s machines and tools and the large variety of vegetables and flowers that exist. Located just next to Lambeth bridge, it is in the heart of london. Only ten minutes walk from the parliament. “Hidden” in a church with a lovely little garden (that was created in 1980), it is a multifunctional building that though it keeps the original architecture , it also has an added wooden floor , really eco-fiendly and minimal. The Museum was set up in 1977 in order to rescue from demolition the abandoned ancient church of St Mary’s which is the burial place of John Tradescant (c1570 – 1638), the first great gardener and plant-hunter in British history. The staff is really helpful and friendly. The museum includes a study space, a meeting room , a very interesting shop and a lovely restaurant- cafe that has hand-made cakes and fresh food .ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

A totally recommended place to have lunch in the garden or hot tea inside , even if you don’t like gardening !:) The cafe is open till 5 almost everyday and one can visit it without going to the musem.

More info @ : http://www.gardenmuseum.org.uk/