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Athens Photo Festival 2017

This year’s Athens Photo Festival just finished this Sunday.


Once again located at the lovely Benaki Musuem(at Pireos St. Annexe), the Festival celebrated its 30 years under the title “Still searching” exploring the social impact of the ever-changing visual culture. The exhibition was more international than ever with 30 entries. Nonetheless, for a visitor that has seen the exhibitions of the last three years, it was a disappointment.

IMG_20170802_102638_717As a whole, the exhibition was nice with photos that capture the visitor’s attention and feeling. Many of the artefacts had strong political messages that made the viewer realize that in every corner of the world, there are and there were in the past too, similar political issues just named differently. As far as curation is concerned, some of the exhibits of the main programme did not have any relevance with the title. Furthermore, “Still searching” was mentioned only at the very beginning of the exhibition. Even at the relevant website the title of this exhibition was “hidden” for some reason. The circulation among the artefacts had no easy to see order path and the information of some installations were located on the right and some on the left of the entries. That made it difficult to follow, especially for a two floor exhibition.

IMG_20170802_102702_957Nonetheless, it is still very important and nice that the effort to keep arts alive in Greece andto keep being international continues and has success as there were many international visitors and Greek too. We expect to see an even better Exhibition next year!

Athens is 4D! Athens Digital Art Fair 2017


Last weekend (May18-21), the Athens Digital Art Festival 2017 took place for another year! “Postfuture “, the theme title of this year’s festival describes long story short what one could see.

These kinds of projects prove that despite the financial and sociopolitical issues, Athens remains a city “thirsty” for creativity and new ideas!

Ti begin with, the thing that made me happy as a visitor and art lover in this Festival, was the number of visitors and the variety of people (art students, youngsters, tourists, but also families with their kids).

Two more outstanding elements of the Festival were the international character of the showcases, including pieces from all over the world (one was made by Bjork!) and the great organization of the event and the work of the volunteers(despite the long hours of work since the festival was open tall day till midnight). One could see that all the people working in the exhibition were happy about it, loved it and they were really helpful and well informed. I took the guided walk and it was very informative. It took us a bit less than 3 hours to see the exhibits in all 5 floors but it was very interesting and our tour guide knew everything by heart, she had humor and a great plan for moving in the exhibition, despite that large number of the group.

Located in the heart of Athens, in a quite new building that combines neoclassic architecture with modern lines and materials, the exhibition was easy to access and very audience friendly with all the freebies, the labs and the augmented reality games offered by the sponsor.


As far as the exhibits are concerned, each and every piece of them had a very special character and approach. What is interesting is that despite the different mediums or ways of expression, one could notice that contemporary artists, no matter what background and were they come from, have the need to showcase with their work same kind of issues and concerns like socioeconomics, environment and the question of the different dimensions that exist and that we cannot see. Thus, all the pieces were to the point of the title of the festival ”postfuture”.

Last, but for sure not least, I feel I need to talk about the floor dedicated to kids… and maybe not only the kids! There was a floor dedicated to interactive projects that invited kids to play and enjoy and older people to find the kid hidden in them and just have fun. A very educational way to enjoy technology!


Let’s hope next year we will see something as exciting as this year! It was a definite must see! Congrats to all participants, volunteers, sponsors and the organizing team!





APhF: 2015 // Athens Photo Festival

“Reframe Memory”

aphf-first-page1 Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 12.44.17 PM

Maybe this is the must see in Athens in June –July…

The Athens Photo Festival has done a great job presenting amazing projects of Greek and international photographers under the wider expression of the exhibition’s title ”Reframe Memory”. The exhibition is mainly presented in Benaki Museum, Pireos Annexe. It includes projects of Greek and international photographers. Moreover, some of the projects are created with the support of consulates and institutes, giving ,thus, the opportunity to the artists to extend their research and have more interesting results.

The most interesting part of the exhibition is the fact that one can see the different impressions of memories and how these can be expressed. Other artists use their own personal experiences, others do research with social and anthropological interest, etc. In the same way, the presentation of each work has a very unique character, creating different sentiments to the viewers. One word, though, comes up from all works: nostalgia.

It is a very good exhibition that if one is currently in Athens, should visit it. There are a lot of participants and one will need at least a couple of hours to see the whole exhibition. In the same building there are also the photo Festival’s “Recorded Memories” exhibition, the “Memory Lab”, “Young Greek Photographers” and the “Photobook Show”.


04/06/2015 – 26/07/2015 (Opening: 03/06/2015, 20:00)



Benaki Museum

Pireos Street Annexe

Address & Contact

138 Pireos & Andronikou St.

tel 210 345 3111

fax 210 345 3743

Working Hours

Thursday, Sunday: 10:00 – 18:00

Friday, Saturday: 10:00 – 22:00


€ 6, € 3

What do YOU see?

İn the ‘heart’  of London, next to Oxford Circus, the Photographers2 Gallery ıs located. Thıs gallery ıs a five floor minimal building. where people can visit  photography exhıbıtıons, have theır coffee, particiğate in workshops and see innovatıve ideas. The buildıng itself atracts visitors as though it is so centrally located, it ıs in a quıte alley and  ıt ıs somınımal and nıcely looking that makes people take a break from busy Oxford Street and the big Victorian Buıldigs.ImageImage

Photographers Gallery is open to publıc for free. Thıs perıod it ıncludes Deutsche Börse Photography Prize 2013 winners, Claıre Aho: Studıo Works, ‘The Wall’, Camera Obscura  ınteractive project, Touchstone project and ‘Fresh faced and wıld eyed 2013’ exhıbıtıon. 

Camer Obscura constıtutes a very ınterestıng project. The name comes from latın and it means darken room. And thıs is it exactly. The use of darken room to look at the outsıde world. To be more specıfıc, ıt ıs ‘a small hole or aperture is made
 in a darkened space, producing an inverted image of the scene outside onto an opposite surface within’. Through the travel of lıght through lenses the scenerey outsıde of the buildıng is reproduced in the darken room and this ımage changes dependıng on the weather.

clıck here for more information about Camera Obscura. 

Another interesting project is the touchstone one. It is a display of a single photograph where vısıtors are invıted to wrıte/ draw their thoughts about it and leave it on a box. As the gallery belıeves, ‘this programme links with The Photographers’ Gallery’s wider educational emphasis on visual literacy’. Currently on display is Children in Horse Masks, Roztoky (2006) by Markéta Luskačová. Thıs picture brought a lot of thoughts to me. At first glance, ıt seems like a children’s game. At  a second glance, though, one can see the faces of the children that look nothing like enjoying the game. After talking with  other people İ realised that the word that comes to everyone,s mind through this picture is sadness.


A selection of responses to photographs featured, as well as a list of previous work on display, is available at whatdoyousee-tpg.tumblr.com

The photography Prize exhibitıion includes some really interesting works. There is a variety of subjects and way of capturing sceneries and people wıth the camera. My personal favourites were Chris Killip for ‘what happened-Great Britain 1970-1990’ and Christina del Middel for  ‘The Afronauts’.


The Gallery is also presenting  Claire Aho’s ‘Studio Work’. An experienced photographer ın studıo space photography that makes an extreme good use of coulor and pattern.


Overall this ıs as space totally nice for a quick escape from the busy streets of London with a nice cup of coffee and a variety of works to be seen for free!Enjoy! 🙂