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Taking the streets of Athens indoors

For the first time one large cultural centre in Athens, openly supports street art. This change means the start of a new era of the perception of art in Greece. The needs and the aggressiveness of the times we live in show that street art constitutes a way of interpreting the feelings of today’s young generation. The fact that it starts to get accepted and recognised from big art spaces, that have an international acceptance, shows that graffiti and street art not only constitute an expression of young people’s art, but also an expression of feelings of any age. The underground space of Onassis Cultural Centre has been transformed very successively to greek streets. 40 artworks of street art and graffiti decorate the OCC in a very unusual way from what is usual presented in this centre. Showing “no respect” to walls and ground, the artists use their sprays and brushes all around showing their messages with vivid colours.

Yesterday this exhibition opened with a lovely gala including dj sets and drinks. From a cultural point of view, it is important to mention that among the thousands of visitors, there were a lot of people that one would not expect to see on a street art event. One could see from students to older people visiting the space and taking a lot of pictures of the lovely artworks that were so different in between them.This idea is avery good initiative that will hopefully give the deserved recognition to street art as an art movement in Greece. Although the installations and the transformation of the place to streets is amazing, there is also a controversy. Some people would argue that the space is far too big and very “comme-il faut” for the alternative style of street art and graffiti. Therefore, though this exhibition gives the unique opportunity to street art to become more recognised and accepted by a larger audience in Greece, on the other hand, it turns street art to something different from what it really is.

In any case, it is a very nice exhibition that one should see. Exhibitions like this shows how polymorphic Athens is.More info about the exhibition @ http://www.sgt.gr/en/programme/event/1656